PAL Expedition Captured in 3D Photography

PAL archeologists join with Scout Troop 400 on a PAL Expedition to the Magnolia Ridge Site. The scouts get a real taste of archeology in action and you can dig right along with them. Click on the thumbnail photos to view   larger 3D images.

NOTE: You will need to use a pair of 3D glasses for the full effect.  There were several pair included in the August 1998 issue of National Geographic magazine if you have one available.

3dscout1.gif (11959 bytes) Scout Troop 400 and the Archeology Inc. Expedition Team at Magnolia Ridge, a dual component Mississippian and Archaic Period Prehistoric Site. The little Scout mascot and the Scoutmaster are a great team on the screen as field archeologist Steve Smith feeds the dirt to them.
The Archeology Inc. Expeditionary forces gather around the first test unit area ready and willing to excavate some soil. Boy Scout leader observes the field archeologist showing scouts how to record data from a test unit.
All hands grab a shovel, it's the primary tool of the archeologist, can you dig it? Field archeologist, Steve Smith, finishes cleaning the profile view of the test unit so it can be photographed and sketched
Scout Troop 400 engaged in prehistoric archeology at the Magnolia Ridge Site. Caleb Curren and the Scoutmaster look on as Steve Smith records test unit data for the scouts.
Scouts busy screening test unit dirt for prehistoric artifacts. Steve Smith explains to a scout how to use a Munsell color code card for recording the soil characteristics of a test unit.
It takes teamwork to do a good and thorough job as all hands pitch in. The dirt flies furiously as Scouts industriously back-fill one of the test units at Magnolia Ridge.
Looking over the shoulder of a scout as he examines a potsherd just recovered from his screen Caleb Curren sums up the days activity. "Whats the first thing you learned about archeology?" The Scouts replied, "Its hard work & but really fun!"
Archeology Inc. Director, Caleb Curren, identifies a prehistoric potsherd for one of the inquisitive scouts. Archeologist, Caleb Curren, escorts the Scouts and their adult leaders out of the wilderness of Magnolia Ridge.


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