Archeology Inc. located at the Pensacola Archeology Lab (PAL) is a nonprofit corporation established for three major purposes: archeological research, education, and publication. These goals are reached by developing hypotheses in the lab and testing them in the field. As we are educated so we educate. We share with interested people through participation and publication. Based in Florida, our research interests range throughout the New World. Funding for PAL research is obtained through grants, contracts, sponsorships and donations.

PALs research explores the lifeways of prehistoric aboriginal populations, as well as the European exploration, conquest, and colonization of the Western Hemisphere.

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florida indians.gif
A Timucua (Florida tribe) military expedition.
(Artist: LeMoyne; Engraver: DeBry c.1590).
Desoto Contacts Coosa
The Desoto expedition confronting the Coosa
(Alabama tribe) Chief. (1706 Dutch engraving).

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pots.jpg (82952 bytes)Archeological research is the core of PAL's mission. The other aspects, education and publication, are directly linked to this research. The research is multifaceted and ranges widely from studies of the first human groups to enter the New World to steamboat wrecks of the 19th century.

We have found that the best way to share the discoveries at PAL is to publish our results. We accomplish this through the PAL JOURNAL on our Web Page, as well as books, newspaper articles, and television interviews. Please make sure to credit the PAL Journal when referencing these articles and research notes.
*1998 Pinson, L.C. and Steve Newby
"Remote Sensing Equipment." PAL JOURNAL, Research Notes.
web site address

*1998 Curren, Caleb and Steve Newby
"Three Primary Spanish Expeditions to the N. Gulf Coast in the 1500's."
PAL JOURNAL, Article. web site address


The Catfish Point Site - A Unicomponent Prehistoric Archaic Site in Northwest Florida
Archeological Investigations At The U.S. Navy Blue Angel Recreation Park, Pensacola Florida
Woolsey Archeology - A Glimpse of a 19th Century Navy Town
Lost Spanish Trails and Native Towns new.gif (117 bytes)- Archeological Mystery Solving Through Hypothesis Testing 


A Search for 16th Century Native and Spanish Settlements on the Northern Gulf Coastal Plain
Terry Cove - Ancient Indian Midden Mound Salvaged
Hickory Ridge  - 500 Year Old Native Burial Mound Preserved
Magnolia Ridge - Radiocarbon Dates Recovered From Indian Town
Innerarity Island - Newly Discovered Coastal Dweller Sites
Spanish Armor Discovered!- Unique Artifact of Early Spanish Contact
Remote Sensing Equipment - Ground Penetrating Radar / Infrared Satellite Images
Choctawhatchee River Survey Update
The Choctawhatchee River Archeological Survey Grant - State Grant Awarded PAL, Over 130 Sites Investigated  
16th Century Spanish Exploration Vessels used by the fleets of Narvaez / Vaca, Soto, and Luna
A Sixteenth Century Candlestick from the Alabama River Drainage
Three Primary Spanish Expeditions To The Northern Gulf Coast In The 1500S
Narvaez/Vaca Expedition
The Soto Expedition 
Luna Expedition
The Wreck Of The Orline St. John: With A General History Of Steamboats In Southwest Alabama
PAL JOURNAL ARCHIVES - (Available upon request for $5.00 each)
Lower Alabama River Ceramic Chronology A Tentative Assessment
A Glimpse of Central Alabama Prehistory From The Archaic To The Historic Period
The Mystery of the Alabama Stone Site


Seaside Class Dig Into Archeology
Indian Mounds Speak of Civilizations Past
The Moundbuilders
Archaeologist Searching for Site of First European Colony in U.S.
Remnants of Past Unearthed at Blue Angel
Site of Spanish Colony Found
PBS Television Special


THE READING ROOM -  new.gif (117 bytes) New Addition!!new.gif (117 bytes)

VIRTUAL MUSEUM - Beginning with an Archeological Timeline

3-D ARCHEOLOGY - "An In-Depth Look at the Science that Really Digs the Past"

PAL Expedition captured in 3-D Photography


PAL PEOPLE - Staff and consultants of PAL and Archeology Inc

gorget.jpg (28292 bytes)PAL's motto for education is; As we are educated, so we educate. Most of our teaching involves hands-on learning of the more one-on-one kind. We maintain a small, informal, volunteer, intern program where students, young and old, can get a taste of archeology. We also consistently update our Web Page so that people around the world can follow our explorations and discoveries. The following are educational briefs that further the PAL education mission.

PAL Expeditions

PAL Expedition With Seaside School Students
PAL Expedition In Historic Pensacola With Cub Scout Pack #497
PAL Expedition with Boy Scout Troop 400

Archeological Volunteer Internship Program


Cultural Resource Management

Archeology Inc.
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Pensacola Archeology Lab

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Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting the research and education projects of Archeology Inc. at the Pensacola Archeology Lab. If you or your organization would like to be a sponsor, call, write, or email for details.

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